Ki Mizion Ma'aleh Sifrita Chava Rav Aviner עברית

From the Rosh Yeshiva

Our Yeshiva in the Heart of Jerusalem

Rav AvinerThere are many yeshivot in our Holy Land.  All of them are pure and holy.  Here are a few aspects which characterize the spirit of our yeshiva:

  1. We know that Jerusalem was never partitioned amongst the tribes (Megillah 26a).  It belongs to the entire Jewish People.  It is the city that “joins all together” (Tehillim 122:3), the city that makes all of Israel friends (Jerusalem Talmud, Chagigah 3:6).  We follow her example.  We learn Torah related to the entire Jewish People.  We are connected to the entire Jewish People and love all of the Nation of Israel.
  2. The Yeshiva is located in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem, close to the Temple Mount.  In the words of one of the Police Captains: If it were not for the Yeshiva and its students here, Hizbullah would have dwelt here a long time ago.
  3.  We live here in a dangerous place, obviously with caution along with as self-sacrifice.  Over the course of the years, three students have been murdered and others have been wounded.  But we continue without fear.
  4. Self-sacrifice also expresses itself in our Yeshiva's difficult and crowded conditions.  But a person never said: There is not enough space for me in Jerusalem.

Yeshivat Ateret YerushalayimIt is under these circumstances, and with this positive mentality, that a great many students have blossomed here over the years: approximately 2000 up to this point.  Each in his own way is a blessing to the Nation of Israel.

We thank you, our dear supporters, who also share a part in our Yeshiva.  We would be happy for you to visit our Yeshiva – your Yeshiva.

Shalom from Jerusalem –
HaRav Shlomo Aviner